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Many people wish to get involved in football on and off the pitch. The problem for many is the lack of a professionally designed and produced CV/Resume.

We can make custom made CV/Resumes to your own satisfaction for Coaches, Scouts, Players, Sports Scientists and Commercial/Operational Sports Professionals for any Sport.

CV/Resume writing services:

Fast track Service:

$55USD (£44GBP, $80SGD)

48 hour return service

(Not including weekends, Bank holidays & National holidays)

Standard Service:

$26USD (£22 GBP, $40SGD)

1 week return service 

(Not including weekends, Bank holidays & National holidays)

For Coaches, Scouts, Players & Football Professionals, Sports Sports Professionals.


Above is an example of some of the CV's that the Harcus Consultancy group can generate for you.

In order to get your Professionally designed CV/Resume for Coaches, Scouts, Sports Scientists & Commercial/Operational Sports Professionals for any Sport, simply follow the simple steps below:

1. Download the CV/Resume Application Form (Below)

2. Fill this in and send this back to us, with as much information filled in as possible. 

3. Let us know if you require Fast Track by adding "FT" or Standard Service "SS" in the heading. 

4. Send to complete with any Jpeg attachments required

5. Click on the Paypal options below for Fast Track Payment or Standard Service Payment. 

Please note YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE PAYPAL to make a Debit/Credit card payment.

Someone will contact you to inform you of receipt of Payment and your application and thats it! We will take it from there!

Please note that CV's for players will differ, as they may also include Video footage etc. This will also result in a higher cost for Player CV's. For costings for Players CV/Resume contact with "Player CV/Resume creation" as the heading.

CV/Resume Application Form:

Please Download the Application form below and send to us

Please ensure you have enclosed as much of the details required. We will contact you if additional information is required. We will also contact you to inform you when you can expect to receive your completed CV/Resume. 

***We are happy to make further alterations, but please note, depending on these alterations, these may in some cases incur an additional cost. 

HCG CV writing Appl (doc)


Fast Track Payment

CV/Resume Creation - Fast Track Service

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$55USD (£44GBP, $80SGD, *Other currencies are available also)

48 hour return service (Process begins on Confirmation of Application Details) 

Standard Service

CV/Resume Creation - Standard Service

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$26USD (£22 GBP, $40SGD *Other currencies are available also)

1 week return service (Process begins on Confirmation of Application Details) 

CV/Resume Updates

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you are a current customer, we actively support all clients to continue with their educational pathway. As a result, this means that you will have to update your CV/Resume as your career develops. We are able to update your CV along the way, for a minimal fee of $5 USD (£4 GBP, $8SGD). This service is only open to current customers, making final  changes to CV/Resumes that the Harcus Consultancy Group previously generated.

Due to Data Protection, we Store your CV for a minimal time & request that we can store on file in the possible case of any further later additions to your document.

Please be aware, Office Hours are Indochina Time (ICT)

If you need any further information please contact us here or email 

with the subject heading "CV CREATION QUESTIONS". 

See what our happy customers have to say...

Dan Evans - Australia


"I am very happy with the service that was provided for me from the Harcus Consultancy Group. It was done quickly and professionally and at an affordable price. I would happily recommend this service to anyone looking for a CV"

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Happy Customer


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