Website Construction/Promotion & Social Media Digital Benchmarking


How we can help

In todays world of Websites & growing Social Media trends, the importance of having an internet presence has never been so important. Fear not, as we can help drive you, as the client, through the maze of Social Media and Website creation and promotion. We can advise on how to grow your "followers", up your "likes", increase your "friends", maximize your "views" and encourage "retweets". We can also show where you stand in ranking compared to your competition, through providing you with your own Club/Federation specific Digital Benchmarking Reports.

Website Creation

Our dedicated team can provide you with a website that will be the envy of all your competitors. We can guide you and provide you will a full package of domain names, email addresses and lead you through website construction, either continuing to update the website for you, or train your staff to hand over control to you, once the template is in place. For more information on this, contact us , we would be more than happy to help meet your desires and exceed your expectations.

Social Media Manangement

Social media can really be a jungle and its often difficult to understand what can be done and what cant, what can be posted and how often. Harcus Consultancy Group offer live Workshops and Video Linkups to help educate staff of the importance of Social Media and how it can help your business grow. We can discuss "trends" and Brand specific advertisement plans. We can tell you what Social Media platforms best suit the audience that yu wish to connect with.  Contact us for more information.

Digital Benchmarking

So you want to know how well your brand, Website and Social Media Platforms are doing compared to your competitors? We are able to provide you with a full breakdown of your major Social Media rank scores, your website traffic and ranking and give you a direct comparison as to how you compare against your competitors. Contact us for more information.

Our Complete and Bite Size packages

So where can we help and what do we offer? With the information given above, we can provide each part individually, as a Social Media jigsaw, building each piece by piece, or we can give you the complete package. 

For more information and costs on each. Please contact us here, and our dedicated, qualified Social Media staff will be able to give you costs, reach and timeframe on:

  • Website Creation
  • Website Manangement
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Benchmarking

For more information and costs on our services, simply get in touch.

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