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The Harcus Consultancy Group works with some of the biggest Football Clubs and Companies across Asia, in particular in the ASEAN region. It is with these contacts and regional knowledge, coupled with a passion for the advancement of Football in Asia, we are able to provide the correct Sponsorship agreements, embracing technological advancements such as LED DBR (Advertising Digital Billboard Replacement)  and much more required by your club to increase brand awareness, locally, regionally and globally.

Specialising in being able to attract Local, Regional and International Sponsors to and for football clubs in Europe, the USA and Asia. Harcus Consultancy Group is your doorway to successful partnerships across Asia.

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Sponsorship Sourcing

Why do you need Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is one of the main revenue sources to help with the financial running of a club. There are many forms of sponsorship to clubs such as Financial sponsors, Athletic sponsors and so on. 

Harcus Consultancy Group has a wealth of sponsorship partners across the ASEAN region, we can assist your club to identify the brand that is right for your needs.

Kit Sponsors

From country to country, shirt sponsors can vary in regulatory standards. With FOS (Front of shirt) sponsors, sleeve sponsors, shorts, training kit and so on varying across the region, in the amount allowed and sizes of said sponsor logo sizes. It is important that when sourcing sponsors, that there is an understanding of what is allowed by the league and its official regulatory body.

Harcus Consultancy group not only understand the regulations, but have an array of potential sponsors ready to align with your club.

Stadium Naming Rights

A common form of sponsorship recently has become stadium naming rights. This can come in the form of banners around the field, stands being named, or the stadium as a whole. This may also be extended to the training ground and so on.

Harcus Consultancy Group will work with your marketing department to tailor make a marketing plan to attract potential sponsors that will match your clubs ethos and ideology, in a partfect partner model. Additionally, if you do not have a marketing department, we will be able to assist in this also, putting together brochures that match the needs, desires and heartbeat of the club.

Advertising Banner sponsors

Advertising banners around the stadium is one of the most common sponsors for football clubs at all levels and can vary hugely in cost, depending on what league the club is playing in. 

However, with the addition of televised matches globally, digital banners (LED DBR) can vary visually depending on where the observer is watching the televised match. The geocalised importance of LED advertising and also posts on social media Harcus Consultancy group are able to offer a competitive package for regional sponsors with visibility on the territory. 

Individual Player Sponsors

One of the lesser sponsor options, but still able to bring a revenue to the club, players can be individually sponsored by an athletics brand, or their name can be sponsored through a local business and advertised in the club program and website. We can assist players in finding their own personal sponsors, from Sports companies and luxury goods and also thought the clubs, through individual naming rights.

Digital Sponsors

In todays worklworld of digital/social media Harcus Consultancy group can assist your club in finding digital sponsors to help promote your brand.

For more information on these services and many more, please contact us and we can send you a brochure to discuss your options in greater detail. We will be happy to speak with you to meet your requirements. Please contact a HCG Sponsorship Agent by using the button below or emailing us at:


Below is an example of LED DBR (Advertising Digital Billboard Replacement)  that we can provide our clients as well as sourcing the Sponsorships for said adverts, that are area specific.

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